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Americas Volunteer Development Platform

Meeting point for National Societies (NS) to collect and identify experiences and good practices that allow us to develop innovation strategies, mechanisms and methodologies to strengthen volunteer management and development capacities. We can do it through the Americas Volunteer Development platform. Each project and initiative carried out through our fundamental principles leaves a mark on the world that inspires others to be part of it.


Working groups

Proposals to strengthen current systems, protect and motivate our volunteers, to lead the way. They are volunteers, together with the staff, who discuss how to improve the institution of which they are the base.


Volunteer Laboratory

Willing to adventure, to risk the unknown with the support of other areas. It seeks to investigate, create, innovate, experiment and test new ways of reaching out. Each footprint is unique and necessary, that is why we look for new hands in times of emergency, new capacities in different latitudes and new ideas to continue changing the world in a positive way. This area unites wills in the largest humanitarian organization in the world, which impacts 150 million people, which is present in 192 countries and territories in the world. With more than 17 million volunteers.


Network of experts

They guide, train and support National Societies (NS) so that they can better serve the needs of their communities and volunteers.


Exchanges and internships

Balance, experiences that are achieved over time, but fortunately we can share through exchanges and internships so that we can always keep moving and moving.

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